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Gentlent is an international for-profit startup corporation with a strong focus on re-inventing web technologies and making them available to everyone.

Worldwide, 04/15/2022 – Gentlent is a startup company founded in May 2019 on a mission to re-invent dated web technologies and making them available to everyone. The company is on track to release their first products after completion of our implementation and testing phase in Q3 this year. We‘re actively looking for an interested - soon to be - co-founder to join us on this journey.

We're looking for:

  • ...someone who‘s interested in innovation, internet technology, and creating and operating a global business.
  • ...someone who believes that we can make a global impact and wants to actively execute in and grow the company with us.
  • ...someone who wants to push themself to the edge of their abilities and learn a lot with us on the journey.

And most importantly: No tremendous experience is required. We strongly believe in the people‘s ability to grow and learn by doing.

We're offering: 1

  • Company Stock Shares
  • Paid for Travel to Events
  • Open Knowledge Shares
  • Optional Technical Training
  • One-to-One Mentoring
  • Up to 100% Remote
  • Flexible Hours (we mean it)

Next Steps

Shoot us a message or email and we‘ll setup an initial interview call with you to get to know each other.

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Not interested?

We‘re always looking for talented and curious people to join us on our journey. Browse through our openings online:

→ Gentlent Careers

1 All offers on this website are non-binding.


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